Big IT for Small Business

Welcome to Black Falcon Technologies LLC, your source for technology solutions that simplify life and provide you with more time to focus on what matters most --- your mission, goals, and objectives.

We are dedicated to providing innovative and intuitive high tech solutions to small businesses, churches and ministries, non-profit organizations, and beyond. We understand that change can be intimidating, especially when it involves technology! But that's where our team works to ensure a smooth transition as you implement new, innovative technology solutions that will allow for enhanced productivity and significant savings in terms of time, manpower, and money!

Our team offers a range of technology solutions, from custom application development, to premium managed IT services, and more. Discover how our IT solutions can boost productivity and save time, so you can focus on the important tasks that matter most to you. Achieve something wonderful!

Application Development

Are you running your organization from a spreadsheet? Are you worried about losing data? Have you already lost data? Turn to Black Falcon Technologies for affordable cloud based applications for small business, organizations, churches and ministries, and beyond. Our designers craft customized applications to serve all your unique needs.

Managed IT Services

Do your computers crash regularly? Are you spending too much time managing your technology resources? Are your backups accurate? (You are backing up, right?) Disasters cannot always be avoided, but they don’t have to bring your organization to its knees.

Black Falcon Technologies offers managed IT services that partners with your organization’s unique needs. We work with you to build technology that can be taken for granted; whether it’s cloud technology, on-premises systems, or a combination. And should disaster strike, we’ll stand with you to rebuild. We currently serve the Citrus County, FL area.

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